Expert Consultation

Thanks to a dedicated engineering team, Linset can participate in experimental and prototyping activities stemming from projects funded by industry companies or through private and public entities with regional, national, and European calls for proposals. Linset stands out for:

  • The professional resources employed and the network of external consultants
  • The instrumentation and analysis methods activated for testing
  • The experiences applied in verification and bench testing, as well as in the preparation of test models
  • The acquired intellectual property.


Training: Linset provides experimental training courses, with specific paths on material knowledge, processes, and applicative methods, through:

  • Bench application phase (manufacturing, assembly, setups, finishing)
  • Demonstrative phase with testing (mechanical tests, physical tests, thermal analysis)
  • Electronic and paper-based support tools (manuals, data sheets, reports).

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We assess and determine the physical, mechanical, and chemical properties of materials.

Non-destructive analysis

We evaluate the quality and properties of the material without altering the artifact.


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