The power of prototypes

Linset understands the fundamental importance of the prototyping phase in the development process of a new product. Thanks to accurate and high-performing prototypes, clients can test and refine their ideas, reducing production risks and ensuring high-quality results.

A collaborative process

The laboratory collaborates closely with clients to fully understand the specifications and needs of their products. Through a detailed planning phase, designs and concepts are developed that give shape to their ideas, while ensuring the feasibility and functionality of the final prototype.

Cutting-Edge Technologies and Materials

With expertise and mastery, the laboratory employs cutting-edge technologies for prototyping, both in cases where composite materials are applied and for the materials themselves. Linset’s extensive experience in working with resins, fibers, painting cycles, putties, and other materials allows them to create prototypes comprehensively and precisely.

Rapid Prototyping Area

Linset is equipped with various rapid prototyping technologies (SCRIMP, 3D Printing, CNC) that allow the creation of real models from virtual ones in relatively short periods. These models can be used for both aesthetic and functional evaluations and can also serve as final prototypes.

Accelerating Innovation

With its expertise and focused approach, Linset helps clients accelerate their product time-to-market, enabling them to remain competitive and at the forefront of their industry.

By choosing Linset’s laboratory for prototyping, you’ll have access to a dedicated and skilled team ready to turn ideas into reality. You can rely on Linset to deliver cutting-edge prototypes and innovative solutions for your products.

Linset is poised to be the ideal partner for the success of any development project. Contact us today to discover how we can contribute to the success of your project!



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