Axis 1 – Action 4.1

“Support for the development and consolidation of high knowledge-intensive start-ups – 2016 Call”

Titolo progetto 

UVA polymerization resin for more competitive and low environmental impact composite material products

Project Description

The project proposes activities necessary for the definition and creation of an environmentally low-impact polymer, in response to the growing demand from composite material sector companies to stay current and have products with high technical performance while maintaining a low environmental impact.


  • Formulate a low environmental impact UV-curing matrix, starting from catalytic polymerization resins of various types available on the market, with mechanical and chemical-physical characteristics that are superior or equal to the original resins.
  • Formulate a low environmental impact UV-curing matrix that is versatile and can be used with various technologies/methodologies in different production processes.
  • Formulate a versatile low environmental impact UV-curing matrix for various application areas.


  • The production of the matrix on a pilot scale.
  • Formulation for infusion, vacuum, and RTM processes that will further contribute to emission reduction, even down to zero.
  • Refinement of the polymerization process using combined IR/UVA lamps to ensure deeper polymerization.
  • Creation of application prototypes in the nautical, wind energy, and stone sectors.